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Our process starts with working with local hospitals, faith leaders, and medical professionals who reach out to amputees that are in need of more comfortable and effective prostheses to help them improve mobility and freedom.



We are training local individuals with a medical background and mechanical skills to utilize 3-D scanners. They take scans and measurements and send the information from each patient to Quorum Prosthetics. These Technicians are paid above-average wages and are being trained in a unique, useful field.



The scans and measurements are used by Quorum Prosthetics, located in Windsor, CO, to build prosthetics unique to each patient. Each prosthetic is custom-made to fit the specific amputation of each patient. Learn more about Quorum and their unique prosthetics.

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Delivery and Fitting

The finished prosthetic is delivered and the Technicians perform follow-up fittings. The amputees are interviewed and provide a survey about their prosthetic. Quorum has provided thousands of people around the US with comfortable, quality prosthetics and we hope to expand this service around the world to those most in need.

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